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    “I had no way to know how many faxes were received and how many faxes were sent back,” she said. “Now that we have HIE Networks I can see how many documents we received on a daily basis, a weekly basis, a monthly basis. I can see how many documents we sent back twice or three times. Now that I have this data it allows me to have healthy and productive conversations with colleagues. I am happy to say that since we have HIE Networks we have not received a call saying we are behind. That’s a good thing.”

    Rose McBride

    Insurance Manager, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

    Initial Setup and Training Fees Waived


    HIPAA Compliant Faxing

    Fully integrated hosted electronic inbound and outbound faxing that requires NO fax lines


    Care Coordination

    Messaging platform built around a unique electronic Work Queue to facilitate referral management


    Clinical Data Exchange

    Smart EMR interfacing coupled with secure patient lookup to fit real-world business needs