You Could Be Violating HIPAA Regulations! 

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“It is an eye opener looking at those cost savings over a 3 year period… ”

John Sears

IT Director, Tallahassee Primary Care Associates

“HIE Networks Health Information Network has been our resource for HIPAA-complaint communication with our referring and donating providers.  We are able to receive referrals, medical records and other documents via HIE. The information contained in the HIE Networks HIN is Protected Health Information (PHI) and is used to provide care to We Care Network patients.”

Pam Irwin

Executive Director, Capital Medical Society

Manage Workflow

All services in the Communication Suite are backed by a team of Workflow Engineers that work with you to streamline your business. Our tools integrate with both your EMR and your staff providing automated workflows that are effective and easy to manage.

Measure Productivity

The Communication Suite provides an objective way to measure medical office performance and uncover workload issues. All service offerings are integrated into our secure cloud network providing reports and business analytics so that you can track productivity.

Meet Privacy Standards

Our Communication Suite offers immediate compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. All data is secure and encrypted to the highest standards and all services are delivered under healthcare specific legal agreements including BAAs.

Initial Setup and Training Fees Waived


HIPAA Compliant Faxing

Fully integrated hosted electronic inbound and outbound faxing that requires NO fax lines


Care Coordination

Messaging platform built around a unique electronic Work Queue to facilitate referral management


Clinical Data Exchange

Smart EMR interfacing coupled with secure patient lookup to fit real-world business needs