Faxless 2020 Campaign

Faxing is one issue every medical office needs to address.  The technology has been around for over 100 years.  While other industries have moved on from faxing, it is still extremely prevalent in healthcare.

  • Faxing doesn’t meet privacy standards
  • Most new phone systems and phone lines are not fax friendly
  • No audit trails or accountability
  • Faxes are frequently lost or misplaced
  • Faxing is a challenge, but also an opportunity

In August 2018, CMS Administrator Seema Verma issued a challenge with a goal for Digital Health Information to replace the current use of fax machines in physician offices to send patient information by 2020.

HIE Networks has solution and accepted the challenge.  We created our “Faxless 2020” Campaign.  Our system creates electronic records (converts traditional faxes) that can be audited and tracked. It can be integrated with your EMR and save you time and money.

Through CMS funding made available at the State level HIE Networks has been awarded a contract to connect providers to HIE Networks regional health information exchange.

Contact an HIE Networks representative to see if you qualify for free services.