Medical records in the cloud

hCloud was built with one thing in mind – giving you a place to store and share patient medical records. Records are stored on hCloud by all types of healthcare organizations where you may gain access through appropriate credentialing. All of this is done in a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure to give you the highest level of confidence in protecting your patient’s records.

Admin Reporting & Dashboard

hCloud provides administrative users with a full set of business analytic reports to help you better monitor medical correspondence and care coordination. How many patient referrals did you get last month? How many inbound fax pages did you receive? What offices are you communicating with the most? Get the answers in real-time with the click of a button.

Push and pull retrieval

Browse and attach documents to a patient’s medical record or combine with hPrint to easily move documents between hCloud & your EHR. Search for the most up-to-date patient demographics to help improve your paperwork and billing process. When you’re ready to automate data sharing, remember to checkout hConnect.

Want more information..? Feel free to download the hCloud PDF handout