Clinical Data Exchange


Our hConnect service is a set of tools that deliver fully automated clinical data exchange – think smart EMR interfacing coupled with secure patient lookup to fit real-world business needs. Built on the Microsoft Azure for Health secure cloud network, hConnect delivers best-in-class compliance and reliability as an integrated service of our Communications Suite.

Let’s face it – clinical data exchange or health information exchange (HIE) can be a complicated and overwhelming concept that is difficult to implement. Most have high costs with limited value.


Where is my data going and have I lost data ownership?

HIE Networks has over a decade of delivering robust clinical data exchange. Our solution is a hosted federated “spine” architecture where data is NOT commingled – each connected data source has their own legal agreement and database. This design is reliable, safe, and fast. You maintain both ownership and control of your data. Once connections are made data is normalized, records are linked, and credentialed healthcare providers can access a unified patient summary record through a secure web portal and community patient lookup services. HIE Networks manages user access, credentialing, and all legal framework required to run the exchange.


  • hConnect is an integrated service of the secure cloud networks and combines with other tools from the Communication Suite to automate and deliver actionable tasks into staff’s daily workflow
  • Community patient lookup services
  • Cost effective EMR interfacing
  • Normalized patient repository in MSSQL database
  • Integration with State level Event Notifications
  • Support for all major protocols including HL7, CCDs, VPN, API, CSV, etc.
  • Outsourced interface hub
  • Secure access to patient records during emergencies

HIE Networks’ Communication Suite is the answer for:

“HIE Networks Health Information Network has been our resource for HIPAA-complaint communication with our referring and donating providers.  We are able to receive referrals, medical records and other documents via HIE. The information contained in the HIE Networks HIN is Protected Health Information (PHI) and is used to provide care to We Care Network patients.”


Pam Irwin

Executive Director, Capital Medical Society

Manage Workflow

All services in the Communication Suite are backed by a team of Workflow Engineers that work with you to streamline your business. Our tools integrate with both your EMR and your staff providing automated workflows that are effective and easy to manage.

Measure Productivity

The Communication Suite provides an objective way to measure medical office performance and uncover workload issues. All service offerings are integrated into our secure cloud network providing reports and business analytics so that you can track productivity.

Meet Privacy Standards

Our Communication Suite offers immediate compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. All data is secure and encrypted to the highest standards and all services are delivered under healthcare specific legal agreements including BAAs.

Initial Setup and Training Fees Waived


HIPAA Compliant Faxing

Fully integrated hosted electronic inbound and outbound faxing that requires NO fax lines


Care Coordination

Messaging platform built around a unique electronic Work Queue to facilitate referral management


Clinical Data Exchange

Smart EMR interfacing coupled with secure patient lookup to fit real-world business needs

"We have been using HIE for well over 10 years at Digestive Disease Clinic now and have been very pleased with all aspects of their services. From the ease of use to the community-based access of records (which is undeniably invaluable in any practice) to the ability to send and receive records without the problem of failure that the old fashioned faxing method sometimes brings. And if support is needed they are always fast to respond as well as knowledgeable and solves any issues we may have in no time. They are constantly searching for and achieving ways to make the workflow more efficient not only for our office but between other practices and facilities. I highly recommend the company and look forward to future innovations!"

Debra P. Garrison, LPN

Digestive Disease Clinic

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