Right patient, right records, right now

hConnect piggybacks on hCloud by automating medical records sharing and retrieval through robust Health Information Exchange software. Have them pushed directly to you or choose what records you’d like to use and pull them on-demand. Either way, you won’t have to spend copious amounts of time anymore!

Lower your practice overhead & liability

Have you ever really looked at how much time your staff takes to locate patient medical records and respond to records requests? By automating your process, you are saving valuable staff time. When you need records from your peers, you no longer will have to send requests by fax or make phone calls to retrieve them.

Customized automation services

Our interface engine was built to allow you to choose how you’d like to share your patients’ medical records. Choose to share just a few, set up a micro HIE for an ACO or hospital, or share with all hCloud members. We support uni- and bi-directional data automation via multiple interfacing standards including HL7, CCDA, and others.

Want more information..? Feel free to download the hConnect PDF handout