We are honored to announce that Silver Lake Medical Center selected HIE Networks to provide Communication Suite services to their 212-bed hospital and urgent care center in downtown Los Angeles, California.

In announcing the partnership, Zach Finn, Chief Operations and Technology Officer said, “HIE Networks and our team of workflow engineers look forward to assisting the staff of Silver Lake Medical Center to enhance care coordination and communication within their facility.”

With patient needs becoming increasingly more complex, Michael Phillips, Chief Executive Officer at Silver Lake Medical Center, says close collaboration and effective communication is key to achieving positive outcomes. “We believe HIE Networks’ focus on helping to manage workflow, measure productivity, and meet privacy standards will directly support our mission of delivering quality and safe health care to our patients and community.”

Silver Lake Medical Center is HIE Networks’ first California client.

“HIE Networks will continue to expand our reach in a way that aligns our energy and our vision to meet the needs of our clients,” said Zach. “For instance, Silver Lake Medical Center’s vision is “to be the preferred hospital by patients, employees and medical staff” in their areas of expertise. HIE Networks vision is to be a trusted communications tool that provides the right information, on the right patient, at the right time. We believe that focus will advance Silver Lake Medical Center’s vision.”