Too many medical provider offices are woefully behind the times when it comes to electronic communications, according to a recently published news story.

“Most industries abandoned the fax machine in the 1990s, and for good reason. Fax machines are terrible at sending data. Busy signals interfere. Printouts are blurry. And sometimes faxes go to the wrong place entirely,” reported the online newsletter “Vox” in an expose published earlier this fall.

In, “The fax of life / It’s 2017. Why does American medicine still run on fax machines?” the reporter, Sarah Kliff, details the type of horror stories many office encounter when using faxes.

HIE Networks’ focus is to eliminate this outdated, and soon technically problematic, form of communication from the health care environment.

Workflow Engineers from HIE Networks work with medical office practices to understand their workflow and current communication methods. During their communication audits they find that often managers do not have an understanding of exactly how many faxes the office receives each day. In fact, once the communication flow is analyzed the HIE Network Workflow Engineers often find an office faxing copies of one patient’s information to multiple offices or departments with in the same facility.

HIE Network’s Communication Suite is designed to eliminate duplications, lost faxes and allow managers to track the exact status of each piece of information in the system and protect patient privacy.

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