Stop the “print-then-scan” madness

hPrint allows you to capture just about anything that you can access on your screen, and index it directly to your EHR! You will no longer have to print documents from a hospital or other web portal, just to turn around and scan it back in!

Be done with faxing already

Most EHRs can fax a document. But you lose the audit trail after pushing the send button. hPrint helps you get documents out of your EHR and securely send them through our hMessage system, meaning you’ll now have a bi-directional communication thread with your referral partners!

Print directly to the hCloud

By combining hPrint with hCloud, you’ll be able to securely print documents from your EHR and share them with your peers on hCloud. Seem to good to be true? Healthcare providers are doing this today!

Want more information..? Feel free to download the hPrint PDF handout